Fashion's stain on the environment – Bee&Sons

Remember the pink stain in THE CAT IN THE HAT COMES BACK? The evil cat eats cake in the bath that leaves a pink stain. The little boy and his sister try to remove it and end up spreading it all over the house, including ‘on mother’s white dress’. Frankly my mother would have killed me. 
This whole social and environmental disaster we have created in the name of fashion reminds me of the pink stain. We choose organic or recycled or second hand or rented - and we create another problem somewhere else that we had no idea about - like increased use of water and land, or the hidden environmental costs in delivery and packaging. We rush about trying to clean up the mountains of garments in landfill, – but the point is – the cat in the hat in the room – we are still making way too much stuff in the first place. We can, and must, continue doing our best to upcycle and recycle, but surely the first thing we should do is stop overproduction - stop eating cake in the bath? Or, and maybe this is more realistic, stop creating cake that leaves a stain?
All Bee&Sons knitwear has a circular business model at its heart. Everything is designed to be recycled. The labels, threads, yarns, buttons and packaging are carefully selected to have the least possible negative impact on the environment. Bee&Sons 100% knitwear is not cheap, but it doesn’t come at the expense of the world.