Sustainability – Bee&Sons
Buy better. Love longer. Recycle

Most clothing is made… without considering its end of life.

Bee&Sons knitwear is designed to be disassembled and regenerated into new yarn.

Most clothing is made… using non-renewable fossil fuels. 

We make a point of using natural fibres. Even the thread we use to sew in our responsible labels is 100% natural.

100% natural, 100% re-cylable

Our Fabrics

The synthetic clothing that we currently own will outlive us. Even buried in landfill, that irresistible polyester dress we didn’t even think was a problem, will still be a polyester dress in 200 years time.

At Bee&Sons we only use 100% natural fabrics (like cashmere & merino wool) which also means they are 100% re-cyclable & biodegradable.

The quality of our yarns means you can love them a long time. We choose Italian yarn-makers who have been spinning yarns for decades. Our recycled yarn comes from Prato, home to an incredible community of world-expert recyclers. who saw the value of secondhand fibre centuries ago.

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Our Knitters are based in Mansfield, UK.

Made locally, by knitters we know

Our knitters are great, local people who we know & like. Local manufacturing means your Bee&Sons jumper hasn't used more air miles than you have, it hasn't journeyed across seas & it hasn't passed through multiple borders.

What it does mean is your jumper has been lovingly knitted, created work for locals & hasn't contributed to co2 emissions in the process. Our local manufacturing is reflected in our price, and so it should be. We want our customers to consciously consider buying our jumpers, because a jumper is so much more than a piece of clothing.

For your lived & loved pieces

Our Take Back Service

Everything we make is designed to be unmade. Unlike most brands, we accept responsibility for the entire life-cycle of our garments.

So if it’s broken, we can fix it. 

If you’re tired of it, we can resell it for you and give the proceeds to charity. 

BUT, when your cardi has had it, hopefully in years to come, we want it back, to dismantle it, chop it up, re-spin into fresh yarn and start all over again. 


“Bee&Sons is the amazing fashion knitwear brand devoted to circular fashion.”

The Good Fashion Guide

Our Packaging

Our packaging tape, compostable bags, stickers and tags come from No Issue, a cute little packaging company totally committed to sustainability. There are three strands to its philosophy: 

Recycled packaging is made from post-consumer products that would have ended up in landfill or incinerators.

Reusable products have a built in second, third or even fourth use. 

Our cardboard boxes come from Rajapack's Eco-Responsible range and are made from 100% recycled cardboard which is also 100% recyclable.

Make sure you put your packaging to its full use to give it a maximum lifespan. It not only saves it from going to waste, it also reduces the need for virgin materials.