How to care for luxury natural fibres

Hand-washing know how...

  1. Clean all your surfaces and wipe dry, leaving no traces of detergent etc.
  2. Half fill your (kitchen?) sink with cool water - not so cold it freezes your hands off but not hot either - about luke warm. Try the elbow thing.
  3. Add a small squirt of baby shampoo - just enough to get some bubbles going.
  4. Gently squeeze the cardi in the water. Donn't stretch it by pulling it or twisting. We said DON'T pull it. 
  5. Put the cardi on the draining board or in a bowl while you replace the soapy water with clean. Rinse. 
  6. Repeat until the water runs clear. If your squirt of baby shampoo was too big, this will take longer - so go easy on it.
  7. If you have a drawstring bag or a zippered pillowcase, secure the cardi inside then pop it in the washing machine on a slow spin cycle for around 10 minutes. If you don't, lay the cardi flat in between two towels and roll it up like you used to with your swimm
  8. Re-shape the cardigan by gently, (gently) pulling and sort of wafting it, to loosen the stitches that may have matted together during the wash. 
  9. Dry your cardi flat between two towels away, from direct heat – eg in an airing cupboard. (mohair dries quite quickly). If you want, pin the two ends of the button stand together with a safety pin, to hold them level.
  10. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY or it will shrink.
  11. Teasel with a teasel (or a soft brush) if you fancy a bit of a fluff up, but just a gentle flick to lift the pile and catch any strays.
  12. Once dry, do the gentle pulling and wafting again, stretching it vertically and horizontally to free up the stitches from each other.

 How to care for wool/cashmere

  1. Same as above but don't brush it afterwards. 
  2. Never dry cashmere outside as it loses its colour.