Sustainability made simple

89% of clothing goes to landfill. 0% of our knitwear will. Help save the planet - one sweater at a time

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'Bee&Sons, the most incredible investment pieces'.

Kat Farmer


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Our Principles

  • Buy Less

    Fast fashion is designed to die young. Wool can last 20 years and more. Invest in natural knits to recycle

  • Love Longer

    Recycled yarn has 80% less impact on the environment. Better than that? Go naked.

  • Recycle

    Bee&Sons - simple, sustainable, saving the planet - one sweater at a time

    (and no bs)

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Buy less. Love longer. Recycle

Fashion is about all self-expression. So let’s all convey our environmental values through our fashion choices. We hope our ambition, our enthusiasm for the future, and our love of the natural world will inspire you too.


Our knitters are in Mansfield. We know them. We really like them and they're really good. They don't outsource our work and the people who work there are treated respectfully and kindly. Find out what else is important to us below.

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