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Buy better. Love longer. Recycle
yes, it's really recycled...

(and it's just as good)

Kat Farmer

'Bee&Sons, the most incredible investment pieces'.


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Eco Lookbook

“Bee&Sons is the amazing fashion knitwear brand devoted to circular fashion.”

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Buy Less. Love Longer. Re-Cycle

9 out of every 10 garments we own will end up in landfill or being incinerated

At Bee&Sons we’d rather you saved up for one ‘good’ jumper than bought five ‘bad’ ones. Good means natural, using yarns that contain no synthetics and can be recycled into new yarn. And after long and fulfilled lives, our knits will biodegrade naturally.

Buy less. Love Longer. Recycle.

Free U.K returns

We hope you love your sustainable knit but for any reason you wish to return your piece you can for free.

Ask us anything

If you have any questions about Bee&Sons feel free to reach out and ask us. You can reach us via Live Chat or contact us on email here.

Our Take Back Service

Everything we make is designed to be unmade. Unlike most brands, we accept responsibility for the entire life-cycle of our garments. Read more about our Take Back Service here.