Bee&A brand new, sustainable take on cashmere

Our new 100% recycled cashmere yarn is 95% recycled cashmere and 5% recycled wool.

Super-warm, super-soft and super-hardwearing, it's the best recycled cashmere we could find, made in a family-owned mill in Italy, and certified by The Global Recycled Standard.

There are 8 separate strands in our chunkiest 100% recycled yarn, twisted together for softness, strength and quality. The lighter-weight, 100% recycled knits are made using 3 separate strands – it’s finer and just as soft.

This is all post-consumer, mechanically recycled yarn – made from old sweaters that have been colour-sorted, chopped and boiled, then spun into fresh new yarn. 

Our new 75% recycled cashmere is 75% post-consumer cashmere, augmented by 25% virgin, there to stabilise the yarn and give it the extra strength. The 75% pieces are smooth, fine and soft, but not see-through. Compared to the quality of pure virgin yarn, you won’t see or feel the difference.

Our merino and cashmere cardis are 100% natural - no funny business like polyamide, polyester or nylon (which makes the yarn impossible to recycle). There will shortly be the option of buying these styles in 100% recycled cashmere.