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Billie Skinny scarf - Pink

I dunno why a skinny scarf screams attitude, but it does. Kerry, Dublin.
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The size & fit of the Billie Scarf

Billie is all about attitude – it won’t keep you particularly warm and not in the least dry, but it has shedloads of WTAF.

One size only

The quality of the Billie Scarf

The Pearl Lowe X Bee&Sons collection is made with a specialist Italian Extrafine Merino Wool, selected for its super-softness and long-lasting quality. Unlike synthetics, 100%  fibres don’t shed polluting micro-plastics. Instead they can be recycled into new yarn and will biodegrade naturally. 

Our knitters in Nottingham are a showcase for luxury British craftsmanship – and being local(ish) reduces our carbon footprint.

What's it made from?

100% natural (recyclable yarn) 100% Extrafine Merino Wool

How the Billie Scarf is responsibly made

The fashion industry, and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, are inextricably linked. We use the SDGs as a framework for creating meaningful change at Bee&Sons, in the hope that we prove that it’s possible to enjoy fashion without harming the environment.

• We support SDG1 – End Poverty. By ensuring that our supply chain is transparent, that our workers are treated kindly and paid appropriately, we can help in just a small but important way.

• We believe that Goal 5: Gender Equality – is a fundamental human right that’s essential for a sustainable world. We support equality of rights, responsibilities and opportunities, regardless of gender.

• We support SDG6: Clean Water and Sanitation. Our knitwear is designed to be recycled, helping to reduce the water use and pollution association with virgin fibre production.

• Focusing on SDG13: Climate Action – we are all aware of how the fashion industry contributes to climate change through carbon emissions. We reduce the need for raw materials, fibre production, yarn preparation and dyeing/finishing, by recycling old yarn into new.

• SDG14: Life Below Water – draws attention to minimising the microplastic waste released by synthetic materials during a garments lifecycle. By encouraging the use of natural fibres, highlighting the ease of designing for recycling and promoting the very real qualities of recycled yarns, we hope we can help in our own small way.

• The SDG15: Life On Land – is a very real issue for the fashion industry, which relies heavily on biodiversity for both materials and packaging. We only source recycled and biodegradable packaging, and recycled or 100% natural yarns. We avoid polyester and plastic – 100%.  We are currently looking at how we can help start the UK’s very own recycling centre for post-consumer waste. Watch this space.

Delivery & Returns

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Our Take Back Service

Everything we make is designed to be unmade. Unlike most brands, we accept responsibility for the entire life-cycle of our garments.

So if it’s broken, we can fix it. 

If you’re tired of it, we can resell it for you and give the proceeds to charity. 

BUT, when your cardi has had it, hopefully in years to come, we want it back, to dismantle it, chop it up, re-spin into fresh yarn and start all over again. 

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Our knit care guide

We want you to love your knit for as long as possible, watch our care guide here to see how to care for your knit.

Deb says, “I’m so excited to be working with Pearl. We’ve spent hours perfecting this collection so that it ticks all the boxes – it’s a small run, so we minimise our waste, and it’s all natural – but very importantly – it’s cute as hell. We haven’t taken ours off since they arrived. We have so many more ideas on the way, so watch this space.”

How is our collection responsibly made?

Your average jumper on the high street will have unnatural fibres in that will never degrade. We only use natural fibres to create our designs. We release our designs in small batches so we don't get left with huge piles of stock and our knitters are local so we don't ship our knits across the globe. When you're done with your knitwear you can return it to us so those fibres can be re-cycled into new fabulous knits.

Our knitters are based in the U.K

When we say your jumper is made in the U.K, we mean it. Yes, this means our prices are higher than the high street and so they should be. We know our knitters (meet Brad above), we like our knitters & our knitters are paid fairly. This also means we're not shipping our products across the globe to be manufactured which saves on carbon emissions.