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Joey Cardi

Learn more about our cashmere

• Our recycled cashmere is super-high quality, better than most of the virgin cashmere you will find on the high street. We’ve tested most of the recycled yarns available and this one stands the test of time, in much the same way as the most luxurious, virgin yarns used by the top fashion houses in Italy.

• We love recycling. (Not so glamorous but hey!)There is no reason on earth to landfill or incinerate perfectly good fibre that can enjoy a second, third or even fourth life. 

• Our knitwear is created in Nottingham by a group of knitters we have got to know well, and adore. They work proper hours for proper pay. 

• We believe in supporting small businesses in the UK to encourage the homegrown craftsmanship that we used to supply our fashion demand.

• We are committed to the 17 life-changing Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the UN in 2015. Find out more at

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Our Take Back Service

Everything we make is designed to be unmade. Unlike most brands, we accept responsibility for the entire life-cycle of our garments.

So if it’s broken, we can fix it. 

If you’re tired of it, we can resell it for you and give the proceeds to charity. 

BUT, when your cardi has had it, hopefully in years to come, we want it back, to dismantle it, chop it up, re-spin into fresh yarn and start all over again. 

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How to care for your cardi

We want you to love your knit for as long as possible, watch our care guide here to see how to care for your knit.