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The Lovejoy (Cropped)

"I have completely fallen for Bee&Sons balloon sleeve cardigans. Each piece is designed to be deconstructed so once you have worn it and loved it, you can return it where it will then be recycled into fresh yarn." Oonagh Brennan, Red magazine
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Our new Lovejoy (Cropped) follows the silhouettes of our most popular mohair pieces. It's a bubble of snuggle (not itchy) in all our favourite shades of a winter seascape. You can’t actually hear the waves, but you nearly can. With contrast stripes, exaggerated balloon sleeves and slim cuff details, the Lovejoy (Cropped) is practical and playful in equal measures - an effortlessly casual piece with bags of cosy personality. 

(Named after Miss Lovejoy, very smart, very kind and very, very tidy.)

    The size & fit of our mohair cardigans

    We are limiting our size range to help reduce waste – HOWEVER – we’ve sampled our balloon sleeve cardi over and over in order to come up with a size that fits as many people as possible. If you’re size 12 and under, it will be roomier. If you are size 14 and over, it will be more snug. If you’re tall it will appear cropped, if you’re small it may fall a little below your hips. Sleeve length depends on (you guessed it) your arm length – but the cuffs turn back easily and the shorter your arms, the more balloony swag you’ll get around your wrists.

    The quality of our mohair cardigans

    Our balloon sleeve cardis are made with a high quality kid mohair/silk mix that creates a vibrant colour of colour. We searched the world for a non-itchy mohair because everyone comes out in hives even thinking about mohair, including us. So when we say it’s not itchy, it’s really not – unless you’re a fish. 

    We want you to love your sweater forever, but when it finally is holier than the Pope himself, we will happily have it back to make into fresh new yarn.

    How our mohair cardigans are responsibly made

    • All our garments are knitted and hand-stitched together by our lovely knitters in Nottingham. 

    • We believe in promoting UK manufacturing in order to reduce CO2 emissions and to retain Britain’s skills in knitwear production. 

    • We also believe in paying our team fairly and frankly – knitting in the UK isn’t cheap. But it comes at a lower cost to the environment – and that’s what we care most about.


    Delivery & Returns

    For all of our delivery & returns information head over to this page.

    Our Take Back Service

    Everything we make is designed to be unmade. Unlike most brands, we accept responsibility for the entire life-cycle of our garments.

    So if it’s broken, we can fix it. 

    If you’re tired of it, we can resell it for you and give the proceeds to charity. 

    BUT, when your cardi has had it, hopefully in years to come, we want it back, to dismantle it, chop it up, re-spin into fresh yarn and start all over again. 

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    Our knit care guide

    We want you to love your knit for as long as possible, watch our care guide here to see how to care for your knit.

    “This jumper has the best designed sleeves. The perfect balance of slim-fitting yet slouchy.”

    Jan Masters, Telegraph Magazine

    How are our knits responsibly made?

    Your average jumper on the high street will have unnatural fibres in that will never degrade. We only use natural fibres to create our designs. We release our designs in small batches so we don't get left with huge piles of stock and our knitters are local so we don't ship our knits across the globe. When you're done with your jumper you can return it to us so those fibres can be re-cycled into new fabulous knits.

    Our knitters are based in the U.K

    When we say your jumper is made in the U.K, we mean it. Yes, this means our prices are higher than the high street and so they should be. We know our knitters (meet Brad above), we like our knitters & our knitters are paid fairly. This also means we're not shipping our products across the globe to be manufactured which saves on carbon emissions.