Based in the middle of a field in Somerset, Bee&Sons is a knitwear brand devoted to recycling. Our impetus comes not from a desire to create 'yet another fashion brand', but rather to prove that clothing manufacture can be truly circular.

The sheer scale of fashion production in the world is overwhelming. By 2030 it is estimated we will be producing 102 million tons of clothing with a value of $3.3 trillion. Most clothing is discarded within the first year of ownership.

The idea that nine out of every ten garments sitting in our own wardrobes will become pollution is unacceptable for most of us. The fact that they'll be burnt, or sitting in a hole in the ground, (by the way, for longer than the span of our own lifetimes), is inconceivable. 

Our mission therefore, is to keep our clothes out of landfill and incineration by dispensing with the linear 'take/ make/ dispose' economy and replacing it with a circular economy, which follows the 3R approach: We reduce our natural Resources by Reusing our products to create Recycled yarns.

If you've got this far with This Is Us, you probably already care about your own impact upon the environment. You're already sorting your household rubbish and choosing refillable cleaning products. You're outraged by plastic bags killing our oceans.

We're here to help you deal with your fashion.

There are no synthetics involved in our garments -  not even the labels, so we can recycle the yarn to make new yarn. Our virgin fibres are sourced from reputable companies and traceability certified – meaning that they have a low environmental impact production cycle, and are chosen to be recycled. We do not use yarns that are not able to be recycled. Our aim is to re-use and re-use and re-use the fibres we have chosen, in order that they avoid landfill and incineration and the pollution that those involve. By reusing old yarn, we are also not creating a demand for new yarn, and the environmental impact that its production entails. You'd be surprised by the quality of recycled yarn. It really looks no different.

Our yarns are also Mulesing Free and Only Cruelty Free Mohair. They have been selected for their quality – because we want you to love your Bee&Sons garment for a long, long time.

Bee&Sons is exclusively available online, directly to you, so that we avoid retail mark-ups and sell our natural pieces at a realistic price.

We will be introducing recycled yarns in our next collections, also at realistic prices, with a quality that will stand the test of time. 

We politely ask that if you don't want your cardi anymore, you sell it or give it away. If you like, we can sell it through our pre-loved platform, and give the money to our charity. If it's really on its last legs, we'll save it up until we have a good pile, then send it off for reprocessing. We will then buy back the yarn to make more knitwear. 

All our packaging, ticketing and labelling are from sustainable suppliers, and all our plastics are compostable. 

We'll keep you informed about how you can be more responsible with your fashion consumption without getting all pious and frankly dull about it.

Fashion is about self expression and fun. Somewhere along the way that got lost. We hope our ambition, our enthusiasm and our love of the natural world will inspire you to join us.

If you have any suggestions for future products let us know.