Why we advocate textile recycling – Bee&Sons

Why we advocate textile recycling

Most clothing is made… without considering its end of life.
Bee&Sons knitwear is designed to be disassembled and regenerated into new yarn. 


Most clothing is made… using non-renewable fossil fuels. 

We make a point of using natural fibres. Even the thread we use to sew in our responsible labels is 100% natural.


Most clothing is made… in nameless factories by faceless people. 

We support Fashion Revolution. We know who makes our clothes.


Most clothing is made… all over the world, very often in more than one country. 

Our garments are made in the UK. True, we buy our recycled yarn from Italy, but we are sourcing alternative natural fibres, constantly searching for innovative ways to recycle old clothes into new.


Most clothing is made…with profits prioritised over people and the environment. 

Every second, a garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned. Simply washing synthetic fibres releases half a million tonnes of plastic microfibres into the oceans every year. We don’t think that’s right.