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I always hated my surname. I can’t stand honey. I’m allergic to all insect stings. And my christian name means…BEE in Hebrew, which went down a storm in English class when I was eleven. Oh, how they laughed. 

However, me and bees, we’ve come to love each other.  

Given the state of the world, how much textile waste we’re throwing into landfill and how crap the government is on legislating against fast fashion, we decided to spread a little bee love this International Bee Day.

With every order between 20th May and 27th May we will send you a Bee Bomb – with full instructions on how to attract more bees to your garden. We’ve chosen ‘Peace with the World’ Bee Bombs because they contain 18 native species that will produce a wildflower meadow in your beds, borders or pots. They are perfect for our little pollinator friends and create ‘an enticing spot for local wildlife’, which sounds like a party not to miss.

Deb x